Foxy Soap Saver Mat and Shower Bag

Foxy Soap Saver Mat and Shower Bag

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Keep your soap fresh and ready to use with a soap saver mat and soap saver shower bag.

The mat will keep your bar soap dry on your bathroom/kitchen sink by allowing water to drain and evaporate. Keeping the bar nice and fresh ready for the next time you use it.

The shower bag is a handy little thing! Pop your favourite Foxy soap inside, soak the bag with warm water, then start scrubbing! The bag exfoliates your skin whilst the soap inside produces a lovely level of foam to make you feel extra pampered. Then when your finished just hang the bag on a shower hook. It will then save your soap ready for your next shower.


Package contents: One soap saver mat (random colour) and one soap saver shower bag (black)






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