Foxy Face Mask

Foxy Face Mask

New to Foxy this face mask comes in an elastic fitting style and is made from triple quilted soft, breathable fabric that fits to the contours of your face.

The straps are elastic so naturally adjust for a comfortable, sleek fit that stays in place.

Made from non-irritable, latex free, sweat preventative material the Foxy face masks are available in large or XL (refer to size chart for true measurements).

Washable face covering, both stylish and reusable.




I am only stocking Large and Extra Large for the moment.

From testing the sizes personally my advice would be most Women would fit very comfortably with the Large it is not too big or small and that Men would fit comfortably with the Extra Large.

For reference I personally wear the XL. I am 6ft 4” tall and it’s the first mask that actually fits me. Every other mask I have tried will not go under my chin. This fits comfortably, its not tight around my ears, lovely soft elastic with plenty of movement.

If anyone would like a smaller size (medium, small) then please contact me via email and I can order them in for you.

If it seems like a lot of people are wanting smaller sizes, then I will add those sizes to my product line.