Hello, my name is Foxy. I was born in a tiny village in the grand old county of Yorkshire! I’ve been told (by reliable sources) that I came into this world due to the fact my owner was sick and tired of so called ‘sensitive’ skin products that claimed to be ‘kind’ to skin but clearly for him they weren’t!

He needed a product that didn’t irritate, burn or downright hurt when he used them (sensitive soul that he is) so he started to create and master wonderful bubbly soaps and products that actually didn’t irritate him.


He started off making a very simple bar soap, no colours, no preservatives a bar soap with minimal ingredients and a few essential oils to make him smell pretty (again sensitive soul with a smidge of vanity) he tried it, waited and then waited a little longer and he realized he wasn’t feeling itchy, his skin wasn’t hot and his skin hadn’t turned red or sore! He used the bar soap every day for weeks and weeks and still no irritation!

At that point he realized (yes it took him weeks) that he could feel squeaky clean, smell nice and be happy in his skin. But then he had a nagging question in his mind. Could he create a colourful, wonderful smelling bar soap that would do the same as the really simple bar soap that he originally created?

A few weeks later, he did just that! In his soap kitchen, he took the basic ingredients of the first bar soap and then added natural colourants, natural essential oils and fragrances and left out all the nasty chemicals that you find in most high street soaps. Again, he tested and tested the soap on himself and again no allergic reaction, no dryness or irritation!


It was at this point, I’ve been told that I was born!


My name is Foxy and I was born to make sure that what you put on your skin is safe and healthy! Caring for your skin is my commitment.

Kindest Regards





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Foxy & the Environment

Here at the Foxy Soap Company we take pride in using 100% Recycled and Recyclable packaging.

We use biodegradable plastic for our packaging, which depending on conditions will break down into natural components within 12-24 months.


This means our products are safe for you and the environment!

Foxy is always looking for alternatives when it comes to packaging and endeavours to become plastic free.

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